Effective Chiropractic Treatments

Get Attentive Care From An Experienced Chiropractor

When pain is affecting your quality of life, you can find relief through effective chiropractic treatments at Harbor Spine & Wellness.

Our dedicated team of clinical staff work to treat spinal column dysfunction to relieve pressure on your back, increase your range of motion and decrease inflammation.

You may also wish to combine treatments in our wellness center. We offer therapeutic massages combined with our chiropractic services to help treat your migraine, sciatica, neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Your treatment may be entitled to insurance coverage. We accept most HMOs and PPOs and offer same-day availability for some appointments. Please be sure to mention your policy upon requesting an appointment.

Focused Treatment for Your Neck, Back, and Shoulders

When you're suffering from neck, back or shoulder pain, your daily life may be greatly impacted.

Our treatments include: 
• Exercises
• Manipulations
• Massages
• Myofascial release therapy
• Extremity Adjustments

Take Your Life Back from Debilitating Headaches

Don't let debilitating headaches or migraines impact your life. If you're suffering from chronic headache, our skilled doctor can help you get some much-needed relief. At Harbor Spine & Wellness, Dr. Tran will work with you to determine the cause of your headache and create a treatment plan from there. Many chronic problems come from injuries and misalignments or tension in the neck.

Feel relief through our treatments, including:
• Chiropractic adjustments
• Manipulations
• Massages
• Mechanical traction
• Targeted therapeutic exercises

We have provided over 20 years of service to the Garden Grove area. Be the next to join our practice to see how your life can improve through targeted therapies aimed at reducing your pain for the long-term.
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